Venture forth into the brave new frontier! Plentiful in emerald gems! However the devilish orcs and cunning robots have took action. They are fighting for control over the precious emeralds.

But fret not! There are merchants who are willing to trade these gems for high quality orc-slaying robot-terminating merchandise.

Pick your items carefully. As you only have 6 slots to hold them in. Utilizing their synergy is the key to your success.

RTS Controls

  • Left-click, to interact with buttons.
  • Right-click, to move and attack.
  • Organize your inventory by dragging the icons.
  • You can drop items on the ground by dragging the icons onto the ground.


  • Health, attack, attack speed, attack range, movement speed are all self explanatory.
  • Each armour point gives you effectively 10% extra health. So 20 armour is effectively 200% extra health.
  • Ability power gives you extra potency on certain active abilities. Each ability will have different ratios. But you can see the extra effect indicated by the '+'.

There are 3 enemies

  • Orc grunt. Slow, weak.
  • Orc captain. Fast, high attack, has powerful sweeping ability.
  • Robot. Extremely slow movement, slow heavy attacks. But loads of health. And can shoot exploding fireballs.

You should take a different approach for every enemy. Orc captains are powerful but fragile, strike fast and hard. Robots are slow and clumsy, dodge their fireballs and shoot back with your own.

Extra credits

  • RPG inventory icons, by REXARD
  • Fantasy Sfx, 
  • 8-Bit Sfx,
  • Voices Sfx,
    • All by Little Robot Sound Factory
  • RPG Album - 011518, by GWriterStudio


Farstorm 1.0 (Windows).zip 47 MB
Farstorm 1.0 (Linux).zip 48 MB
Farstorm 1.0 (Mac) 47 MB
Farstorm Documentation.pdf 218 kB

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