A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Entry for GMTK jam 07/2017.


Install instructions

Its just unity.

I don't know if the Mac or Linux version will work because I have them :/


downwell ripoff - Windows.zip 11 MB
downwell ripoff - Mac.zip 14 MB
downwell ripoff - Linux.zip 15 MB


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Dude, you can't just put out the .exe file and call it "Mac/Linux" :P. Those require a separate build, and the filenames will usually be obviously-different.

When you build a project in Unity, there is are a few options. One of them is "PC, Mac & Linux Standalone". That is what I have chosen. I've had a friend on Linux having problems on one of my previous games, I don't know why. It's just Unity.

I am a idiot. I have to download the Linux and Mac Build supports. Let me know if they work.

THAT would explain why I keep seeing an all-OS zip file which only contains a .exe.

Hmm... now it runs at least (much improved over previously - thank you!), though input doesn't seem to be working. Odd.

Have you tried to edit the input settings in the unity popup window before the actual game runs?